Legacy Giving


ElaineGrowing up in the countryside of the North of England, I was surrounded by farms and farm animals, never realizing in my naiveté that these wonderful creatures would be slaughtered for food! When I came to realize that my friends (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, et al.) were to become victims and end their lives in a truncated and brutal fashion, I immediately became a committed vegetarian and active in any way I could to end this system and adopted a plant-based diet. I do not know why it is in my nature to find so offensive and deplorable the cruelty to any animal – land, marine, domestic, or wild. I only know it is!

Therefore, I have made my commitment into my religion in that it is always uppermost in my thoughts and deeds. As a result of my moral dedication to the cause of animal rights, I volunteer and donate as my budget allows and assist organizations in which I have faith. I am inspired and impressed with Farm Sanctuary’s integrity and excellent outreach!