Maya’s Legacy Society

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“In finding like-minded people who come together to do this work, there is such power — power which could never be achieved by an individual. Therein lies the beauty of Farm Sanctuary. I have a connection with others who understand the sacred bond between humans and animals. And I know that each time one gives, that compassion is magnified a thousandfold. By joining Farm Sanctuary’s Maya's Legacy Society, I know that we are doing something that will put love and positivity back into our world. What a joy to be a part of that!”
– Kathy, Maya's Legacy Society, California

When you choose to make a legacy gift to Farm Sanctuary and let us know, you will become part of our special Maya's Legacy Society… its members are like family to all of us at Farm Sanctuary. As a member of this wonderful group, you will receive exclusive benefits, including a commemorative listing on the Maya's Legacy Society recognition board, a beautiful Legacy pin, and our annual Maya's Legacy Society Bulletin. 

Most importantly, your Maya's Legacy Society membership will bring you great satisfaction during your lifetime, inspire others to make similar gifts, and make a lasting difference for farm animals for years to come. 


Join Maya's Legacy Society or learn more today.


Maya’s Legacy Society is named for Farm Sanctuary’s very first cow rescue. During an investigation in 1987, Gene Baur saw a tiny black and white calf, only a few days old. Trembling, terrified, and weak, this calf had been left to die. Gene picked her up and took her home.

Maya was very ill, but made a full recovery with treatment. She lived almost 22 years at sanctuary, and she became known as a matriarch and a protector. Maya would welcome new arrivals to the cow herd, and unconditionally mother and love orphaned calves. These bonds lasted a lifetime. When she passed away, Maya left a magnificent legacy of heart and inspiration behind that continues today.

You, like Maya, protect farm animals in need and teach others about love. Thank you.