Donor Stories

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Farm Sanctuary Legacy Society members are making a tremendous difference for farm animals! 

See what inspires their generosity and compassion, and learn why so many people are creating legacy gifts as a joyful and impactful way to help farm animals.  

Read their stories below:


My love will continue with my legacy for Farm Sanctuary.

Cheryl and Robert

A thank you for the good fortune of our lives, the freedoms and pursuit of happiness.


My love for Farm Sanctuary has grown over time and my determination to make sure that they survive me has as well.


A kind-hearted nurse, a beloved sister and daughter, and a defender of the underdog.

Kel and Carolyn

Every animal has his or her own personality and cares about his or her own well-being.

Leslie and Robert

A kindred spirit in a world of needless cruelty toward animals...

Margaret and Karen

Supporting animal causes has been the basis of our lives.

Mary and Scott

It was an easy decision to designate Farm Sanctuary as the beneficiary in our will.


We have the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the world.

Rick and Ken

We also want to support Farm Sanctuary in the hereafter.


I can be a part of much-needed change in the world.


…it is always uppermost in my thoughts and deeds.


I had wanted to include Farm Sanctuary in my estate planning. I picked Farm Sanctuary because they are established for 30 years.