“My contribution to Farm Sanctuary greatly benefits animals, firstly. Secondly, it benefits me in allowing me to know that I can be a part of much-needed change in the world.”
– Paula, Legacy Society member, California

Farm animals are among the most abused creatures on earth. Pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, and others suffer by the billions, locked away in places that echo with cries of terror and pain, places that reek of cruelty, dark places with unspeakable horrors. 

You are one of the special people who know that farm animals are individuals who deserve our compassion.

Every time you support Farm Sanctuary, you shine the light of your kindness into the lives of these farm animals… you speak up for a better and more compassionate way. 

Your help allows Farm Sanctuary to rescue farm animals who have encountered unimaginable abuse and cruelty. At our sanctuaries, your generosity heals their hearts and bodies, providing groundbreaking care for the injured, the special needs, and the geriatric; ample and nutritious food; warm, soft bedding; expert care and, often for the first time in their lives, kindness. We invite you to visit and see this hope and healing firsthand. 

Your help educates people everywhere, making lasting connections between farm animals and humans; sharing stories about the horrors of factory farming and the redemptive power of kindness; providing programs designed to help people make more compassionate choices; and teaching people about the sentience, intelligence, and uniqueness of farm animals… changing hearts and minds. 

Your help advocates for farm animals, passing laws to protect them, battling some of the most nightmarish factory farming practices, working to stop and overturn legislation designed to keep the horror of factory farming secret, petitioning in cruelty cases or for regulatory improvements, and improving the lives of countless animals with each good law or regulation put in place.  Everyone deserves the right to stand up, turn around, and spread a wing or a limb, and citizens like you deserve to know the truth about what happens behind closed doors.

When you think of your feelings about how farm animals are treated, and your goals for a better world, what causes are nearest to your heart? Whose faces come to mind? More and more people are standing up for farm animals and compassion, and it is the people like you who make the difference. Consider continuing protecting the gentle farm animals of the world with a legacy gift to Farm Sanctuary... align your deepest values and hopes for a better world with your plans.

Whether honoring a loved one, strengthening your or your family’s financial future, creating a compassionate world… there are many ways for you to give and change the world for farm animals. Contact us today to learn more. 

“I decided that when I cross over the ’Rainbow Bridge‘ that I wanted the animals at Farm Sanctuary to have a bright future. Someday a lot of animals will live happy lives because of my bequest!”
– Patricia, Legacy Society member, New York