Farm Sanctuary Legacy Society members are making a tremendous difference for farm animals! 

See what inspires their generosity and compassion, and learn why so many people are creating legacy gifts as a joyful and impactful way to help farm animals.  

Read their stories below:


Read Elizabeth's donor story

Donor Stories


Nothing gives me greater joy than knowing I've done all I could to protect animals throughout my life—and after.
Read Alida's donor story

Donor Stories


My love will continue with my legacy for Farm Sanctuary.
Read Deborah's donor story

Donor Stories


My love for Farm Sanctuary has grown over time and my determination to make sure that they survive me has as well.
Read Mary and Scott's donor story

Donor Stories

Mary and Scott

It was an easy decision to designate Farm Sanctuary as the beneficiary in our will.
Read Rick and Ken's donor story

Donor Stories

Rick and Ken

We also want to support Farm Sanctuary in the hereafter.
Read Cynthia's donor story

Donor Stories


Choosing and being committed to a cruelty-free life