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Donor Stories



DeborahI am forever grateful to so many individuals I have met and come to know at Farm Sanctuary over the years that I can't pinpoint a single one in particular who inspired me to make my legacy gift. My love for Farm Sanctuary has grown over time and my determination to make sure that they survive me has as well.


Farm Sanctuary has been instrumental in my evolution as a vegan and animal advocate. My first visit to the sanctuary was on the heels of the 2008 Prop 2 victory in CA; a campaign in which I played an active role and one which introduced me to Farm Sanctuary. I was a new vegan and burgeoning animal advocate.The education and experiences I gained through my visit and subsequent events have shaped my advocacy efforts and changed my life forever.  

The diversity of speakers, staff and volunteers Farm Sanctuary has managed to attract and share has been invaluable. I would never have had the opportunity to meet and learn from these people if not for this beautiful destination just a couple of hours from my home. I would look forward to and attend the two big events offered at the sanctuary year after year, and each time would vow to come back to spend more time with the animals who would leave me always wanting more. With each visit, I would feel more and more familiar with the staff, volunteers, and other event participants who I would see regularly at the events, many of whom would become dear friends. 

It is always the animals who make the biggest impression, though. With each visit, I would get to know a few more on a personal level (with the leadership of the wonderful Susie Coston) until eventually, I would know nearly every one's name and where they came from.  I would rush to each area to visit my favorites. The visitation time would go by so quickly and would be heaven for me.  I would leave each time feeling rejuvenated and inspired to do everything in my power to help more people find the peace that living the Farm Sanctuary life brings and the satisfaction of helping the animals.

Farm Sanctuary has provided me with opportunities I could never find elsewhere and I am forever in their debt for providing this vegan cocoon where I have been able to grow into the advocate I am today.  Remembering the organization and the animals in my will is the least I can do.